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Making Cents of Meaning

As an outlet for an insatiable search for fulfillment and meaning, I started Making Cents of Meaning.

Let me tell you about where it all began…

I have to credit all of these ideas to the development of my brain in the last few years and a huge part of that credit goes to my buddy Matt. He’s the host of the Last Chance podcast, a podcast I have had the privilege of taking part in a handful of episodes.

As fate would typically have it, we were destined on a crash course, colliding into what has become a deep and meaningful friendship, where we began and continue to journey on a continuous endeavor to find fulfillment and profound purpose and meaning in our lives. His brotherhood and mentorship have led me to brainchild this project, Making Cents of Meaning.

For me though, Making Cents of Meaning is more than a simple blog or website. It is an overarching theme that is being revealed to me each and every day. The call is a tall order. Despite the fact that I am largely unqualified to discuss most of what I talk about, I still cannot resist what I am called to do.

A huge shout out to my wife as she helps me hold down the fort while I whimsically sit and write my ridiculous thoughts out into the cloud.

Also, much love to my kids, who think they’re famous now that their picture is on the internet.

Someday if you’re reading this, I hope I can impart some wisdom onto you through these pages.

And last but not least (this should have been the “bottom line up front” disclaimer), I take myself too seriously for other people to take me too seriously. You may find I’ve got a bit of a personality. I promise though I love to laugh, so I’m typically just trying to make light out of most things.

Learn to laugh. It’s really important, especially when I rant and throw in the occasional easter egg or two. Anyway, enjoy. I’ll let Jesus take it away.


The Woke Hack

"But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you." - Jesus Of Nazareth



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